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Superfoods for Smoothies

Written By Admin 06 Nov 2014

The easiest way to get some extra nutrition is to add superfoods to your diet. There are so many amazing products out there and they all have different benefits. I find I often come back to the ones pictured.

Superfoods for Smoothies

The easiest way to get some extra nutrition is to add superfoods to your diet. There are so many amazing products out there and they all have different benefits. I find I often come back to the ones pictured.

Superfoods are not just for adults. I make smoothies for my children every day and add at least 2-3 powders and/or seeds to their smoothie each time. Most superfoods have a strong distinct flavour, but I find when you add them to smoothies you hardly notice. Hard to believe but true. Seb and Cam's empty glasses are the evidence.

Here's a brief run down on the health benefits of the superfoods that I use regularly.


- Full of antioxidants which increase energy production

- Low GI to manage your sugar cravings

- Strengthens your natural immunity

- Potent antioxidants to protect and support your heart and body


- Regulates blood pressure and reduces cholesterol

- Very high in antioxidants

- Rich in magnesium, an energy mineral and vital electrolyte.

- Good source of sulfur which is associated with strong nails, shiny hair and a healthy liver and pancreas.


- Rich in vegetable protein and multi-vitamins

- High in beta-carotene which protects body cells and has anti-ageing effects

- High in minerals such as Magnesium and Potassium


- Contains nearly all nutrients required by humans!

- High in protein in the form of free amino acids that ready to be used directly by the body

- Has anti-cancer qualities and protects against radiation

- Assists with fertility as it stimulates ovarian function


- Helps to safely cleanse and purge the body of harmful elements

- Boosts energy and vitality

- Has superior antioxidant content

- Increases body's metabolism making it a great for fat burning


- Helps balance hormones by supporting normal hormone production

- Assists in stress management by reducing stress hormones

- Improves fertility, libido and sexual function

- Provides extra energy, stamina and endurance


- Mesquite powder is rich in a number of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

- Contains high levels of calcium, which is important for maintaining healthy hair, skin and bone strength.

- Is a rich source of dietary potassium, which is essential for proper water balance and healthy heart functioning.

- Rich in zinc, iron and magnesium.


- Lucuma provides 14 essential trace elements, including a considerable amount of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

- Sweet and caramel-like in flavour, lacuma helps satisfy your sweet cravings.

- Is a source of antioxidants, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals necessary for bodily functions and to maintain a healthy immune system.


- Have an abundant amount of flavonoids ie. antioxidants

- Provide important benefits to your intestinal regularity, heart and blood vessels and blood sugar level


- Controls blood sugar levels

- Helps to recover from stomach bug / flu

- Acts as a powerful anti-bacterial agent, helping to clear stubborn yeast infections


- A high protein seed containing all nine of the essential amino acids

- Provides rapid recovery from disease or injury

- Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure

- Reduces inflammation

- Shows an improvement in circulation and immune system


- One of the best sources of calcium

- Helps to maintain skin and muscle tone

- High in Vitamin B's

- High in minerals that are responsible for bone health


- The lauric acid in coconut can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, helping to fight infections

- Reduces hunger leading to weight loss

- Fatty acids can boost brain function

You will find some flavours pair well with the fruits in your smoothie better than others. Acai goes really well with berries, and cinnamon tastes beautiful with banana. Tahini is amazing with coconut, and hemp seeds add a nice crunch to smoothie bowls.

Next time you make yourself a smoothie try adding a superfood to it. If you are adding powders, start with small amounts and gradually add more. Make sure you tell me which combination you preferred.

Power up baby.

T xx

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